“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature but
beautiful old people are works of art”

1. Symphony of Intergeneration’s

Meeting the needs of changing demography – a cross- sectoral approach for Holistic Education to reap demographic dividends, enhance Learning Outcomes and reduce School drop outs

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Symphony of Intergeneration’s “IGLC” meeting the needs of changing demography – a cross- sectoral approach for Holistic Education to reap demographic dividends, enhance Learning Outcomes and reduce School drop outs

Well-trained Educated Senior Citizens are meaningfully engaged in teaching and learning processes with socio-economic disadvantageous group of Children from Government Schools of Delhi and NCR through “Intergenerational Learning Centre- IGLC”.

Enrolment and retention rate, regularity and attendance in Government schools has increased reducing drop out of children from Schools. Qualitative research by us supports the positive impact of IGLC on Quality of Life, Quality of Education and Lifelong Learning in children, Elderlies and parent community.

Intergenerational Learning Centre “IGLC” started in Government school Purva Madhymik Vidyalaya (Junior High School) Sector, 12 Noida in 2017 as post school intervention with the 6 std students, nurtured in a knowledge enriched familial environment, where each child can be what he/she want to be “Knowing Thyself and channelizing inherited potential”. IGLC is running with financial support of Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture in Noida & Jewar and ONGC in Delhi. IGLC is also a research project having ethical approval from Department of Geriatric Medicine, AIIMS.

Impact - Within a short tenure, it has been found that Intergenerational Learning Centre- IGLC is mutually benefitting interacting generations. It has emerged not only as a connecting medium for generations but a link to bridge Government schools and community at large. Students are emerging as confident being and aspiring to realise their dream to become scientist, teachers, doctor, engineer, dancer, detectives, reporters, etc. Respect and care for Senior Citizens has grown in them. They are achieving good academic grades in their respective class/sections and actively participating in extra-curricular activities- Theatre, singing, dancing, drawing, etc. Parent are hoping for better future of their child and standard of living. Lifestyles and cognitive abilities of Senior Citizens or Elderlies has improved. They are more active and productive than before in daily activities. They are enjoying more respect and appreciation in their family, peer group and society.

2. Comprehensive Geriatric Health Care Mobile Van

“360-degree Doctors at Doorstep programme for 21 Old Age Homes, Resident Welfare Associations and communities of Delhi and NCR. On International Day for Older Persons (1st October, 2018), we ...

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“360-degree Doctors at Doorstep programme for 21 Old Age Homes, Resident Welfare Associations and communities of Delhi and NCR.

On International Day for Older Persons (1st October, 2018), we launched a comprehensive mobile geriatric health care unit, for 21 Old Age Homes and Resident Welfare Associations of Delhi/NCR to transfer positive vibes to our Elders. The Geriatric Mobile Van is equipped with latest technologies with basic laboratory tests and experienced doctors trained in Geriatric Medicine, physiotherapist, nurse & lab technician, etc. Health care includes active screening of Non-communicable diseases, management and rehabilitation for age related disease.

Peer to Peer Counselling and Integration of Inter-generational bonds through Senior people, school children & college students visits are additional forward complementing initiatives to restore harmony between generations and making a life worth living for in dignified place.

About HAI

Healthy Aging India, a not for profit organization, registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860. It is initiated by its Founder President, Dr. Prasun Chatterjee, Associate Professor from Department of Geriatric Medicine,All India of Medical Science, (AIIMS) New Delhi along with esteemed personalities from multiple walks of life with a vision to ensure quality of life to our ageing populace with the mission ...

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Our Projects

  • Intergenerational Learning Centre- IGLC.
  • 360 degree- Doctors at Doorstep Project "Comprehensive Mobile Heath Care Van" at old Age Homes
  • Health Education
  • Mass Immunization (Vaccination) program
  • Health Camps

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Story Of Changes

Covered by Voice of America

Aspiring Children


We dreamt that life was joy. We awoke and saw that life was service and it was joy. We are realising trans-disciplinary approach integrating Health and Education sectors and Consolidating wisdom of Elderly and curiosity of Young minds for new learning.


Launch of Comprehensive Geriatric Health Care Mobile Van on International Day for Older Person on 1st October 2018 by Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Shri Anil Baijal

Empowered Elder Community

I was waiting for this opportunity only. It is so wonderful to interact with bubbly and enthusiastic group of children, they are full of life and want to learn. The energy of students is infectious, filled with joy. I am covering biographies....

After 37 years of active involvement and superannuation as Engineer with Fertilizer and Power sector- NTPC, I realised that it is now time to return to society. Inter-Generational Learning Centre concept attracted me and i underwent class...

To me, frankly speaking, it is a very pious assignment to teach my favourite languages, Hindi & English. It was a real challenge to motivate and hold back students after full-length school time. In order to have one-to-one contact opens another...

Our Strategy

Our Mission

Quality Education to 1 Million Aspirant Children by Elderly
Meaningful Engagement to 1 Million Elderly
Reaping Demographic Dividends with 10 Million Visionary Citizens
Human Resources Development with 100 million Productive Citizens

Our Vision

Dignified and Active Society for all Ages envisioning better Geriatric health coverage to Older Indians (60+) and Quality Education to children (10-14 years)

Our Impact

Video of Healthy Aging India(HAI)

DD National "Doctors Online" Programe

IGLC Video

Well Wishers

आई जी एल सी के बारे में-

जिस समाज में बच्चो को संस्कार और पढाई, युवाओं को रोज़गार और कमाई बुज़ुर्गो...

Let me congratulate IGLC for the excellent work they are doing. This is a great cause and is urgently needed to improve the moral fabric...

गाँधी स्मृति में यह आयोजन हेल्थी एजिंग इंडिया की तरफ से हुआ जो बूढ़े - बच्चों सहित सभी के लिए प्रेरणास्पद हो जीवन में सफलता उतनी महत्वपूर्ण....

I am very fascinated being an Education Officer of Gautam Buddh Nagar (GBN) district that IGLC has started during my tenure...

Dr. Prashun Chatterjee

Founder President
"Healthy Aging India"

We cannot stop the clock but we can keep our spirits young with humor, gratitude, and creativity. Being a Geriatrician I always promote meaningful engagement for older adults as that is the best way to achieve a graceful ageing.

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We Pledge

“To dedicate ourselves to serve humanity by promoting good health, alleviating pain and suffering;

To inculcate amongst ourselves the feelings of brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God;

By strengthening our roots of compassion, courage and faith, will offer selfless services to all and will be non-partisan in our approach;

To execute and discharge our duties to the best of our abilities and capacity;

So,. help us GOD by illuminating our path towards our destination….”