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Concept, Progress and achievement of Intergenerational Learning Centre (September 2017- March18)
Intergenerational Learning Centre- mechanism of HOPE, constructive mutual reciprocation and Story of change
Concept -

Intergenerational Learning Centre (IGLC) is a landmark change maker initiative in the field of Health and Education inaugurated on 14th September, 2017 in Government Junior High School (Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya) Sector 12, Noida. Ideation and implementation of IGLC on ground is enthusiastic effort of Healthy Aging India (NGO & peripheral arm of AIIMS for community services) in association with & financial support of Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti (autonomous body under Ministry of Culture) and a research study project of Department of Geriatric Medicine, AIIMS Delhi. IGLC moved with an objective to improve the overall Quality of life of interacting groups- Students, Parents & Elderly Educators and Quality of Education by facilitating inclusive symbiotic meaningful engagement of potentially undermined vulnerable groups- Senior Citizens & disadvantageous children from socio-economic weaker section. The motto is to “Encourage, Educate and Empower” present and future generations to promote active aging & lifelong learning in educated Older Indians & opening opportunity of Value added education to school children. IGLC envisions a productive culturally enriched Nation ensuring an equitable dignified place for all.

Progress -

IGLC is an explorative medium where experiential learnings of educated Elderlies are shared with 35 students of 6th standard substantiating academic and non- academic learnings in school arena. Within 6 months of IGLC successful running in Government Junior High School (Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya) Sector 12, Noida it is growing on multidimensional, qualitative and dynamic parameters. It is encouraging that IGLC has earned appreciation of all respective stakeholders (Students, Parents, School authorities, Govt. Education monitoring authorities- District Basic Education Officer, fellow N.G.O, etc.). Receptivity of IGLC concept and coverage base of idea has strengthen- IGLC presented its approach in GERICON 2017 conference held in AIIMS; Got nationwide coverage on DD National ‘Doctors online’ programme on 18th December, 2018; Platformed in National Youth Festival, Gautam Buddha university on 14 January, 2018; Started a new IGLC in Delhi Kerala School R.K.Purum and expanded outreach activity in another Government Junior High School (Uchha Parathamik Vidyalaya) Khwajpur, Jewar bridging Rural urban disparity.

Achievements -

Pertinent changes in the attitude, behaviour, health, cognitive abilities, confidence, self-esteem, etc. of Elderly people has improved and visible in their lifelong learning course. In a Qualitative perception received from Elderly Educators they have clearly stated that with IGLC they have found purpose in life and they enjoy more reputation within their peer community, family and society. In Opinion of Parents their children has become disciplined, obedient, well mannered, raised excitement on learning new things through Science activity, Art, Language, Analogical mathematics, Music etc., wilfully attending school, life goals and aspiration of children to achieve their goal in life has boosted. According to school authorities students have refined in academics, they take more interest in studies and attendance of students have increased in school. As a remarkable achievement IGLC students have outperformed in final exams of academic result 2017-18. Ms. Rinki Chauhan of section C stood First in all 3 sections (A, B, C) of 6th Std, Ms.Payal Stood Second and Ms. Pushpa third in section B, Master Mohd. Faizan attained third position in section A. Many of them are in within top 10th Position. All IGLC students have passed obtaining above 60% marks. The Joy of achievement were reflected in students happy tears, laughter and transcending silence. Students are aspiring to achieve their goals in life, striving to work hard and seeking guidance & support for better future. Students are positive, motivated, happy, becoming more humble and learning new dimension of lifelong learning.

Given the approach of IGLC teaching methods, strategies and practices combined with individualised love, care and affection of Elderly educator’s resulted in rising demand of Intergenerational Learning Centre-IGLC as an Educational Remedial measure in Government schools of Noida. Realising the potential of IGLC and relevance in impacting Quality of Education in collaboration with Government schools of Noida need to open more IGLC is generated. Given the impetus of change in students, elderly educators, approach of parents, School authorities of Noida are ready to welcome IGLC initiative in their Government Schools.

Conclusions -

The flying colours of IGLC outcome is magic created by elderly Educator in the life of children. Their individualised care, unconditional love, affection and experiential sharing has power to move heart and transform minds. IGLC has transcended the social domain to research mode to Life changing learning course. It has emerged as a “HOPE”, an instrument of change for society and a perfect blend of mutual reciprocation to engage meaningfully by immunising each other by love, respect and success.

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