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Holistic perspective in education is generally confined to development of individuals intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potential. Development does not happen in isolation and surroundings in which a child grow could prove to be a detrimental factor for holistic development in spite of administering best efforts. It is prerequisite to take all interacting factors into account which contribute to conditioning and Psychosocial development of personality to understand big picture in play to lays impressions of personal experiences in subconscious child behaviour.

1. Laughter Yoga to relieve stress in students

Laughing is a best therapy to get rid of many psychological burden and unneccessary burdening thoughts. Laughter Yoga club came to share its exercises with IGLC students.

2. Interactive Talk on Personality Development by Formerly Director of Doordarshan Mrs. Saroj Gupta
3. Informative talk on How a newspaper travel from Publication House to homes by Mr. Sharma- Formerly manager in Hindustan times Publication
4. Workshop

Theatre of Relevance (TOR) workshop on “To Know Thyself & Relevance of Education in life” was facilitated by Mr. Manjul Bhardwaj, recipient of UNFPA “Laadli“ Media award for Gender Sensitivity in 2006-07 and Internationally acclaimed for putting forward Philosophy of “Theatre of Relevance”. Students were encouraged to Voice their aspired dreams, hesitations, fears and goals “GOONJ YE HAMARI”, “SUNO HAMARI BAAT” “KHUD SIKHO, KHUD SE SIKHO”. He also broadened the horizon of thinking underlying unconscious propagation of narrow perception highlighting the structural organisation of our classrooms, subtleness related to sitting arrangement’s, line and rows alignment of standing in queue, circle of learning to envision of circle of life etc. Most miraculous visible insight was the self-belief, confidence and enthusiasm of students to take over world by the end of the workshop. The objective of conducting Theatre of Relevance (TOR) workshop to nurture a healthy harmony of emotional and psychosocial wellbeing for self-propagation of motivational drive in student of “Yes, we are “was beautifully implemented leaving impressions of lifelong experience in minds of students.

5. Exhibition

Exhibition on the Life of Gandhiji “Jeevan Chitra- What does it mean to be Gandhi”” was displayed as Posters, Pictures, Quotes and orated sequential incidents in a rhythmic, imaginative interesting ways to students by an eminent Gandhian Mr. Ramesh Sharma ji from Gandhi Peace Foundation. He reiterated on how Gandhiji introspected and reflected on his own doings, how the life of Gandhiji changed, what words turned him into a fearful to fearless person, how he questioned the biasness of caste in childhood, how has he decided to walk on the principle of truth and non-violence, what incidents happened that he undertook the fight of equal rights to Indian in South Africa (Phoenix settlement, Tolstoy farm), Indian freedom struggle, etc. He underlined that Gandhiji relied on inherent qualities and power within i.e Atmabal, Asmita, Atmasamman, Sankalpshakti, etc. that made him “Mahatama” out of a common race. Many convictions of Gandhian life style were learnt by students through simple poetry- such as: Milkey rahengey…. Hum sab bachey, sewa karengey…Hum sab bachey, khoob padhengey….Hum sab bachey…”

6. Awareness session on “Health, Hygiene and Environment”

Health, Hygiene and Environment session was conducted by “Sunshine society” and coordinated by Mrs. Vaishali. Session was facilitated by Dr. Suchitra Jain (Senior consultant & Infection control officer at Max Super speciality hospital), Mrs. Madhu Mittal (Environmentalist) and Miss. Shailja (Yoga expert) to adopt best eco-friendly lifestyle practices.

“Recognising Good Touch, Bad Touch” - Dr. Suchitra Jain has created an amiable environment for children to interact freely and been successful in developing clear understanding of students on Good touch and Bad touch. Students felt free to share their experiences in classroom the situation they encounter in their life course. She explained “Swim Suit Rule” to make students understand the portion of body where it is considered good and bad in touch and if they get bad experience on road or else they must “Go, Shout and Tell”. She asked students to “Must share” such incidents with their parents, teachers or with whomsoever they feel easy with. She told students to be confident and defend themselves fearlessly and unhesitatingly “Apna bachao karo”.

Empowering girls by shattering social taboos attached to “Mensuration- a biological process” turning it into a feeling of unmatchable celebration as now they have become creators. An animated video was also played on Mensuration care.

Say No to plastics”- Mrs. Madhu Mittal highlighted the importance of using Iron utensils for cooking purpose as a measure to increase Haemoglobin or iron content in body, necessity to keep away from the use of thermocol crockery and Plastic containers, etc. She suggested students to carry their own bottles and reiterated on Principle of 3Rs- Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Correct Technique to Wash hands was shown with the help of Video.

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