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Comprehensive Geriatric Mobile Heath Care Van- a 360 degree, Doctors at Doorstep Project for Old Age Homes
Visited about 200 old age homes (in India and abroad) to understand the problems of the poor elderly with meager health care facilities. From problem to solution Comprehensive Geriatric Health Care Mobile Van was launched in October 2018 by Lieutenant Governor Delhi Shri. Anil Baijal.
Geriatric Health Care Mobile Van visits 29 Old age homes and RWA’s well equipped with latest state-of-the-art facilities & basic laboratory along with MBBS doctor trained in Geriatric medicine, trained physiotherapist and staff in AIIMS, etc. Health care includes active screening of Non-communicable diseases, management and rehabilitation for age-related diseases, Peer to Peer Counselling and Integration of Inter-generational bonds through senior people, school children & college students.
Old age homes and RWA’s are visited by Geriatric Mobile Van 7 days a week and treat approx. 100 patients every day
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Healthy Aging India, a not for profit organization, registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860. It is initiated by its Founder President, Dr. Prasun Chatterjee, Associate Professor from Department of Geriatric Medicine, All India of Medical Science, (AIIMS) New Delhi along with esteemed personalities from multiple walks of life with a vision to ensure quality of life to our ageing populace with the ... Read More

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