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Mrs. Shashi Malik

IGLC Maths Educator - served as an Intercollege Government Teacher

We, the humans pass on the learning to the next generations and this is how the knowledge is preserved. I like how IGLC team work in consultative way with educators. I got innovative in teaching approach, enhanced my self esteem, understand the purpose of our life, explored my abilities and manifested the inherent quality. There is noticeable ascending learning curve. I am realising the process of completeness - completeness of being a Human Being, a sense of inner - satisfaction - a feeling of internal bliss.

Mr. Chander Shekhar Rai

IGLC Science Educator - served as an Engineer, NTPC

After 37 years of active involvement and superannuation as Engineer with Fertilizer and Power sector- NTPC, I realised that it is now time to return to society. Inter-Generational Learning Centre concept attracted me and i underwent class room training to learn basics of teaching. My interaction with students reminds me of my childhood and transfer of energy. I feel life experience is exchanged with future of India. My children and grandchildren are away from me and this gap is filled by my students.

Mr. R C Raturi

Mr. Akhil Chandra

IGLC Geography Educator - IIT Kharagpur Alumnus

Though at IGLC I am known as ‘ educator ‘ it’s me who is getting educated. This education is not limited to the subject I teach, it is also about methods of communication, behaviour, etc. Interaction with students gives me opportunities to look at myself for self-development. Association with IGLC has added two days a week disciplined routine. I feel good ( may be proud ) telling others about it. People think I am doing a noble job. Actually, I am helping myself.

Mrs. Anita Gupta

IGLC Social Science Educator - served as a Government Intercollege Teacher

Learning is life long process and teaching is very noble profession. Teaching is my passion. I feel it is means of developing the greatest of abilities inspiring hope and dreams which once fulfilled can be translated into mutual benefits. In IGLC we two generation ( Grandparents and Grandchildren ) are evolving and becoming more sensible and responsible. I along with children learning and exploring our abilities and qualities to channelize our energy and capacity to the fullest. I am proud to be a part of the IGLC family.

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Naveen

IGLC language educator - served in IFFCO

To me, frankly speaking, it is a very pious assignment to teach my favourite languages, Hindi & English. It was a real challenge to motivate and hold back students after full-length school time. In order to have one-to-one contact opens another channel of communication between me and the students, as well as between students and their parents. I m not only doing my part ( seeding ) but also gaining a lot in the process- a gift ( present ).

Mrs. Archana Prabhakar

IGLC Biography Educator - served as a Special Educator

I was waiting for this opportunity only. It is so wonderful to interact with bubbly and enthusiastic group of children, they are full of life and want to learn. The energy of students is infectious, filled with joy. I am covering biographies of the personalities from mythology and history with students. After taking class I check if i could evoke the interest of children? Can there be another strategy. I learned to challenge myself and becoming more creative and sense of purpose.

Mrs. Mohini

Mr. Arun

Mr. Bharat bhushan

Mrs. Veena Sharma

Mr. Ashok Ahuja

IGLC Science Educator - served as an Engineer NTPC

Today I feel lucky to join IGLC after my retirement as a Banker from Punjab National Bank in June 2017. First time teaching children was a new experience. After some time, I felt that I am really useful and worth for the children of society. Virtually. Whatever I got from nature, till date, this platform is a right place to give back to nature for a step towards my MOKSH. I have found/noticed change in my attitude.

Mr. C K Malik

IGLC Sanskrit Educator - served as a Mechanical Engineer NTPC

Concept of Inter-Generational Empowerment impressed me improving quality of education imparting valuable experience of Senior Citizens from nearby locality. IGLC working way appeals me. It organises regular group discussion meetings, take regular feedback and provide specialized medical check-up and advice. The receptive and accommodative attitude of IGLC team is appreciative. I teach Sanskrit, I had no earlier experience of teaching students in a group.

Mrs. Geeta

Mr. Dhurendra Chaturvedi

Mrs. Sudha chhabra

Mr. Ajay Kumar

Mr. Kamlesh

Mr. Himanshu

Mrs. Kiran Verma

Mr. Din Dayal Sharma

IGLC Maths Educator - served as a Professor

IGLC works in consultative way with educators on a daily basis and also provides counselling to the students and parents. In my experience with the IGLC students, I revisit the past. A big change is seen in the children. They are now able to read, write and respond to life situations more actively and positively. The happiness on the faces of these children is the result of team efforts of IGLC. It gives me an ultimate peace for a meaningful life. We are not only encouraging our children, their parents but in return we are motivated as well.

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