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Well-Wisher Committee of experts hailing from varied fields with enriching experiences was constituted after a Round Table Conference on 18th February, 2018. Intentions for constituting Well- Wisher committee is to bring together diverse think tank to UP-skill and UP-Scale IGLC, review its strengths, provide progressive impetus, suggest measures to plug lacunae in the path of its progress, resolve funding crunch and generate goodwill for IGLC propagation, as an instrument for mutual Inter or Multi-generational coherence. Well-wisher committee was also envisioned for new outlook to channelize human resource for national productivity. After conference, Well-Wisher Committee consented for voluntary association as Peer Reviewers of IGLC to Healthy Aging India.

All along the journey of Healthy Aging India Well-Wisher Committee has been kind in showering blessing and enriching it with constructive inputs to help us grow multidimensionally directional, qualitatively, and dynamically in view of socially inclusive dignified society for our respectful Elderlies and providing best opportunity of experiential learning to our Children.

First Round Table Conference of Well-Wisher Committee was held on February 18, 2018 in AIIMS, New Delhi at M.S. Office, Seminar Hall.

Round table discussion among multiple stakeholders, senior bureaucratic officers, representatives of UN agency, UNAIDS, retired UNICEF pensioners, NGO’s, dignitaries from AIIMS was held for 3 hours to upscale Intergenerational Learning across nation.

Report on Round table discussion with Well Wisher Committee

Conference was concluded in constitution of IGLC Well-Wisher Committee.

Well Wisher Committee members

  • Dr. D.K. Asthana, UNICEF
  • Ms. Sumita Ganguly, Resident Welfare Association, South Delhi
  • Ms. Nutan Prakash, UNICEF
  • Dr. Swati Madan, AIIMS
  • Ms. Bella Das, UNAIDS
  • Mr. Ranjeet Singh, India Care Foundation
  • Mr. James Veliath, Naz Foundation
  • Ms. Augustine Veliath, UNICEF
  • Ms. Anjali Tresa Veliath, Naz Foundation
  • Dr. Vijay Kumar, M.D Geriatric Medicine, AIIMS
  • Mr. A.K. Dubey, Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs
  • Dr. S.K. Gautam, Faculty, Delhi University
  • Ms. Aruna Shaiva, Nirmal Sewa School
  • Dr. Simmi Roy Mishra, Doctor of Medicine
  • Ms. Renuka Sant, NGO
  • Mr. Anil Sant, Census Board, Govt. of India
  • Dr. Avinash Chakravarty, Assistant Professor, AIIMS
  • Ms. Saroj Kumar, NGO


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